Wednesday, 12 January 2011

Knit in the News 12.01.2011


My post on the the Macmillian INFI-KNIT project (see here), has been the most popular so I decided to do a regular round up of knitting/sewing stories from around the world where knitting is making a difference. Can knitting change the world? Knit is the news will also feature stories on sewing and crochet and any other textile stories I thin you might find interesting.

UK wool on the up
The first story is from the BBC news website (10.01.2011), showing how our knitting is helping to support the British wool industry and exports increase as we shun synthetics in favour of more natural fabrics- so let's keep it up!

Knitting Women Help Children in Africa
Another story to inspire. According to, women in North Wales have been feverishly knitting to provide jumpers for children in Africa, 8 women knitting 100 jumpers!

Can I sew and be green?
This article in the UK Guardian asks a question I think will interest many people who make there own textiles ans it definitely feels more holistic and green and seems to fit with the "make do and mend" attitude.
More knitting in the news soon

Investment in wool research
I guess wool is more complicated than I thought. New Zealanders seem to think so anyway.$17-point-25-million-in-wool-research


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