Saturday, 12 March 2011

Kim Hargreaves Darcy- Finished!

Hello Everyone,

I have finally finished my Kim Hargreaves Darcy Jacket. After about six months of on-off knitting. I have to admit that I lost enthusiasm halfway through, as it was a lot of moss stitch and was growing so slowly. But I am very pleased that it is is finally finished.
I am 80% pleased with it. I love the moss stitch and the shape although I had hoped the peplum and pleats would be more dramatic, as they looked in the book. I wish the body and the sleeves were slightly longer, the sleeves are bracelet length on me and i prefer sleeves to fully cover my wrists. I think my tension started out a too tight and if I knit it again I would probably use a larger needle size. I think this has been a common problem as looking at others who have knit the same project of Ravelry, most seem shorter than on the model in the book. I would probably make the size up as well, so that I could wear it over more. Just shows what happens when you don't bother with a tension square! lesson learnt.

I wanted buttons similar to those in the book but I found it quite difficult to find in the colour I wanted. I finally found some that are squares.