Saturday, 4 June 2011

Simplicity 2250 summer dress- 2

 Hello Everyone,

At last the sun is back again this week, which is great as I have a chance to wear the second simplicity 2250 dress I have made. It is made of a polyester crepe from Fabrics Galore in a navy and white polka dot, which was £6 a meter and looks quite a lot like a silk crepe although it wouldn't be suitable for anything close fitting as it isn't breathable. However it doesn't crease at all so it is perfect for a day dress and it reminds me of the silk dresses you see in whistles and Hobbs etc.

The crepe is quite drapey which makes it quite difficult to cut and as it is synthetic the dressmakers chalk rubs off easily and isn't really suitable. I read later that it is best to mark synthetics by tacking the pattern lines. Because of this the bodice isn't perfect and it a little baggy compared to the lining, but the pleats still look attractive (see picture below) although they are not as obvious as on the plain cotton, except up close.

It is quite different to the yellow version I showed in my last post. As I said in my last post I needed the size down from the measurements shown on the size chart, although it is still slightly a bit big around the waist, maybe I am not simplicity shaped! Be interested if anyone else has the same problem?

 Again I made the longer version but with thinner straps. I find the ties on the back a little annoying as they are quite difficult to tie yourself and I think they ruin the silhouette of the dress from the side. They are so close that they don't allow you to tie it any tighter than it is with the zip, so are pretty pointless, a button would be better in my opinion. Not sure if you agree??

Overall a very cute dress, the fact that it doesn't crease means it will probably be a staple summer throw-on, but I'll have to see if the polyester is an issue when it heats up- I'll let you know...

and tell me what you think, which fabric do you prefer? and if you have made this pattern!


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