Friday, 30 September 2011

Home-made bedding with Applique frogs and lilypads

Hello everyone,

Another project I have made in the last couple of months. I recently moved home, which is always a catalyst and excuse for new homeware projects, including this bedding set. I was inspired after seeing wide width fabrics (94 " / 238 cm) available at I hadn't thought about it before, but I knew it couldn't be too difficult and thought I would have a go.

It is a little disappointing as the fabric only comes in white poly cotton, which isn't the best for dyeing as you will never get a really rich colour. However at £2.99/ meter it offers good value for everyday bedding. I made a kingsize sheet, duvet cover and 4 pillowcases with approximately 6-6.5 meters of fabric (Apologies I don't know the exact amount as I bought a total of 10 meters as it is useful to have some plain fabric for small random projects). The most difficult was sewing the elasticated edges of the sheet, the rest is pretty simple squares and rectangles. I used button fastening for the duvet cover.

I used some plain white cotton fabric for the applique frogs and lily pads as I had hope they would dye a couple of shades darker than the poly cotton and really stand out. This didn't  quite turn out to be the case and they are only slightly darker than the main fabric, luckily I had chosen a dark thread which helps them to stand out.

I drew the pattern of the frog free hand on paper before tracing it on to iron-on interfacing. I ironed the interfacing onto the fabric and then cut around the outline before pinning and stitching to the main fabric using a short zig-zag stitch. I appliqued lily pads in the same way. I also used a simple straight stitch to add lily pads under each frogs, after marking the outline directly onto the fabric using a pencil.

I dyed the whole lot using 2 packs of dylon fabric dye in Bahama Blue 2/3s of a pack in yellow to produce a nice green/turquoise and apart from the frogs not dyeing darker I really love the colour. I usually have dark purple bedding so this makes a bright and fresh alternative.

Making bedding is quite a big project, not in difficulty but cutting and sewing this amount of fabric can be a bit laborious and I did it over a couple of weeks, although it shouldn't take that long.


Thursday, 29 September 2011

Simplicity 2281

Hi Everyone,

 I have busy making lots of different projects, although hindered by the fact my sewing machine has decided to pack up after 13 years :( not able to handle my new found enthusiasm I fear. It has resulted in me sewing a few projects by hand, which is not as laborious as I had assumed and is a much more relaxed way of sewing as you have less tools and can pick your project up while on the sofa. I have made a leather handbag by hand which was much less stressful than trying it on my machine- could have been part of its downfall, but I will post on that later. I have also made this simplicity dress by hand. It is quite a simple design, compared to the other simplicity dress I made (see here and here) and it only took a few days to finish.