Saturday, 16 March 2013

Keeping busy...

At the moment most of my time and brain power has been taken up with planning my upcoming wedding (4.5 months to go and counting). As well as the guest lists, menus and invites etc etc, I have been spending an enormous amount of time designing and making my wedding dress.

 Anyone who has done the same will know how daunting a prospect this is, but as soon as I got engaged I knew I was going to make my own dress and would not be dissuaded! And I am so glad I am. After trying on dresses in several bridal stores I couldn't help totting up all the changes I wanted to make and I was quite disappointed with the variety on offer- pouffey and extra pouffey were the main choices, whereas I prefer simple and drapey designs.The pattern has been cut, toile made and I will be cutting the final fabric this weekend. Wedding is in July after which I will post details of the construction of  this top secret project. I am aiming to finish by the beginning of April and move on to honeymoon clothes!

Kim Hargreaves Logan dress
Everything else is pretty much on the back burner until the dress is made, but I have been continuing with Kim Hargreaves Logan dress (see picture below). At this rate it will be ready in time for spring, but I might manage a few wears if the British weather continues along its sub-zero path. Here are a few pictures of other projects I have made in the past few months- mainly Christmas gifts.

Double knitted scarf
Warmest scarf ever

convertible moss stitch wrist-warmers/mittens
These wrist-warmers were from my own pattern that I made up on the go, not the best approach but they worked out well. I will have to write it down and post for you guys.

wrist-warmers and matching hat

Friday, 15 March 2013

Project update & bookshelf update

I have posted before in my love if knitting and sewing books and I had several on my Christmas and birthday lists. Being a very lucky girl I actually got some from my wonderful friend a and family, with a few extra surprises.

Top of my list was Couture sewing techniques by Claire B Schaffer. This book gives a history of couture as well as practical tutorials on how to try the techniques in your own projects. I am in the process of designing and making my wedding dress and have used the couture method for sewing princess/curved seams, I might post a video tutorial of this sometime. I imagine this is a book I will come back to again and again. There is an excellent chapter on hand sewing techniques, which is probably a neglected but essential skill for all all sewers and one I am trying hard to improve. I was surprised to find out how different couture construction is and it definitely provides food for thought for a high- street girl. Recommended!

I also got Pattern Magic and Pattern Magic: stretch fabrics by Tamoko Tamichi, which I have coveted and feared in equal measure. The book has innovative designs, not clothes for wearing for the going to the shop, but there are some really beautiful details. The book is a more creative approach to designing than you get with Winifred Aldridges pattern cutting for women's wear and it will make a great companion. The book has a number of bow front blouses which I am adding to my "want to make" list. Recommended for the adventurous sewers and for those trying to think out of the box.

I was also given Learn to knit, Love to Knit by Anna Wilkinson, which has twenty different knitting patterns. Some are a little twee for someone in their late twenties, but I there are some very wearable jumpers and hat patterns. First on the list is the Fair Isle Band sweater with short sleeves.

I'm thinking it is time to start getting into tailoring, any good book recommendations?