Thursday, 11 April 2013

Best laid plans....

I try to plan my summer and winter wardrobes in advance, but I never end up getting round to everything. I am always in awe of fellow bloggers that seem to produce several items a month. I tend to have one sewing project and one knitting project on the go at anyone time. But most knitting projects take me a few months to complete and regardless of how much I plan I end up getting get side-tracked.

I have been designing my own patterns which slows down the process a lot and uses much calico. But every time I think about making something from a commercial pattern I get a nagging feeling that just won't let me. Pattern-cutters OCD anyone?? Hopefully if I persevere I will soon have a good set of patterns I can make again and again.

I was wondering how normal my approach is. Are you guys out there meticulous planners or going with the flow?

My spring wardrobe has been overtaken by the making of my wedding dress. Likely to be my biggest and most daunting project to date. Mainly as I am sewing it all by hand using the couture techniques from Couture Sewing Techniques by Claire B Schaefer. The thought of sewing a gown by hand would have made me recoil in horror a year ago, but now I am enjoying the process and looking forward to having beautiful dress and improved hand sewing. The obvious need for secrecy means I will post about it after the wedding in July.

My project list:
1) Kim Hargreaves Logan Dress

Logan dress- from Kim Hargreaves Shadows

2) My wedding dress & matching handbag
3) Ties for the groom and groomsmen
4) Fair Isle short-sleeved sweater- in blue and cream

Fair Isle Short-Sleeved sweater from
Learn to Knit Love to Knit by Anna Wilkinson
Artesano Superwash merino in sea blue and
Rowan pure wool DK in enamel
5) Bridesmaid dress
6) Bunting
7) summer dress like this dress by designer label Milly

Milly Carlin dress (Source)

8) Quilt and cushions

So plenty to be getting on with.