Sunday, 2 June 2013

Me Made May- summary

My first me made May has been quite challenging. How can I spend so much time sewing and have nothing to wear????

This is doubly frustrating as all my wedding sewing means I haven't had time for a desperate sewing spree to fill in the gaping holes that are becoming apparent in my me-made wardrobe. 

The last few weeks have taught me:
1) I don't have enough separates. I think it is probably a frequent sewing trap to make lots of pretty dresses and forget those practical wardrobe staples. 
2) I wear dull colours. I made a decision about 18 months ago to only buy/make clothes in black, blue, green, purple, white, cream and yellow, which my photos in the me-made flikr group will attest to. The aim was to have a cohesive wardrobe where everything would go with everything else, but it is time to try out some brighter shades and more interesting fabrics. I will try harder!
3) I need to master tailoring. I need more trousers and jackets. 
4) I would like to make my own knickers, bras and workout gear. Thou shalt not covet other people's me-mades. Ok I know that is kind of the point, but I am very jealous of all the ladies who have tackled these less obvious or daunting projects. Oh to be self-sustainable! 
5) How much I appreciate clothes that fit me properly. I wish every woman realised that clothes should fit them and not the other way around. This isn't really a Me-Made realisation, but trying to do without mass produced clothing really brings it home. 

There's only one thing to do.... Shop for new fabric. Well if I must.....

Me Made May- Month's round up

I have been sloppy keeping the blog up to date with my me made snaps.

Here's the run down.

Day 9: Me-made silk scarf, cowl neck blouse and book bag.

Day 10: Kim Hargreave Glance jumper

 Day 13: Vogue 8593
 Day 15: Kim Hargreaves Darcy cardigan and silk scarf

Day 16: Me-made silk scarf- poor effort I know!

Day 17: Me-made cowl tee- unblogged

Day 19: Simplicity 2250 (pinned up)

Day 20: Simplicity 2281

Day 21: Cowl neck blouse and unblogged wool trousers

Day 22: Vogue 8593

Day 24: Me-made curved hem tee, unblogged.

Day 26: Vogue 1287

Day 29: Simplicity 2281

Day 30: Vogue 8593 and Kim Hargreaves Darcy cardigan

Day 31- LAST DAY! Me-made cowl neck blouse, unblogged.