Saturday, 16 August 2014

Successful skirt

This skirt has helped me use up the linen left over from the red dress I made in May. I wanted a straight skirt that was comfortable; that I could wear for work and wouldn't make walking difficult as pencil skirts inevitably do. 

I started with my basic straight skirt block  converting the darts to pleats to and added a frill to the back to allow enough room for me to be able to take stairs two at a time. I used a curved seam to join the frill to add a bit of interest. Sewing curves is always a bit of a faff, but I think they are worth the effort. 

It is lined with my favourite cupro bremsilk lining as I had some left over from another project, although not enough to line the frill. 

This was a simple project and I will definitely make more versions of this skirt for winter. However next time I will cut the frill on the bias to get more movement and drape. 


  1. That red looks fabulous. I like the frill at the back - its not too frilly IYSWIM. Your skills are amazing! Is that a cutting mat I see in the background? I am thinking of buying one but am in two minds about it worth the hassle of figuring out where to store it? x

    1. Hi Saturdaynightstitch. Thanks for the comment yes it is a cutting mat. I use it with my rotary cutter which is really good, especially when cutting slippery fabric. It was quite expensive, but I use it a lot, so it was worth it.