Sunday, 17 January 2016

Family knit: Caramel cardigan

Woke up to a (very) light dusting of snow this morning and decided to use it for an excuse for a (very) lazy day and starting s new project. I am knitting Caramel by Isabel Kraemer, a blanket style cardigan. The pattern is available to download free from Ravelry and is very popular. My mum and sister are knitting along with me and I am trying to resist the urge to rush ahead.

We are all using Rowan pure wool superwash DK. I have chosen gold and shale, using the gold at the top with bands of grey near the bottom. I haven't fully decided  which bits will be grey, but I really like this (much copied) version by Kleinformat. 

Monday, 11 January 2016

Silkwings' crocheted sheep

I started this sheep on New Year's Day. I never imagined that I would knit novelty items as I never saw the point of knitted carrots and the like. It turns out I was wrong, probably not about the carrots, but that I would and more surprisingly enjoy knitting a toy.

I saw this pattern on Pinterest and was instantly taken in by its cuteness and bemused expression. I bought the pattern without even realising it was crochet and no idea what amigurmi was. Luckily I like a challenge.

I found the stitches, including the bobble stitches relatively easily. I found it difficult to know where the rounds began and ended on the fleece. I couldn't decide how to incorporate the slip stitch and chain stitch at the end of the row. For the head, I skipped over the slip stitch from the row below, and did the slip stitch and chain stitch into the previous chain stitch. I think this means I had an extra stitch in each round, but I found it was easier to see what I was doing and count my stitches. I used a paper clip to mark the chain stitch. 

When I moved onto the body I was more confident and started doing it properly (at least I think so) and skipping over both the slip stitch and chain stitch. 

I made a practice head and realised I needed to maintain tighter tension for the face and legs etc, so I didn't end up with large holes that the stuffing would poke through. 

The pattern was excellent, with lots of pictures  showing how to do the different stitches and sew it all together. It is designed by Kristi Tullus and can be downloaded on Ravelry here

I stuffed the toy with wadding. I embroidered the eyes as it is for a newborn. I used two balls of Rowan Baby Merino Silk DK in snowdrop and one ball in zinc.